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    The Start of something...great?


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    The Start of something...great?

    Post by LunchBox on Tue Sep 01, 2015 4:16 pm

    We will be starting Our Game night/nights on Thursdays. We are shooting for sometime between 6-7, hopefully no later than 7:30-ish. If you wish to show up early you are more than welcome. If you have something come up we should try to post it here so everyone can know. Im hoping this will help out with less text/group text/phone calls and have everyone on the same page and what not. I also would have night where there are food cooked or whatever, but every night will be BYOB. No this is mean we will get drunk, I dont that to mess with the game. I dont mind drinks but lets not get out of hand. As for food I was thinking pizza for the first night. If you have any other ideas about food post it here. I will be checking this everyday while at work, and I would need a few mods that can check up on the site now and then. If you think you have the time to keep this a well oiled sex machine send me a PM.

    I hope this works out well and we all enjoy the game!

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